Drop Box Pro

Free Drop Box
The free version of Drop box starts with 2 GB online storage. You can easily upgrade that for free if you introduce other people to Drop box yourself, with 250 MB per person. The Drop box app, that is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Kindle Fire devices, enables you to instantly upload and secure photos and videos in the cloud.
Get more free online storage for Drop box by inviting other people to Drop box, or sync for example with your Mailbox app. Drop box downloads for smartphones and tablets are available here. Watch this website for free upgrade and free online Drop box storage because Drop box has events from time to time to offer you more online storage for free.

Drop box Pro
The business version of Drop box enables you to secure your data online in the cloud up to 1 TB and even more. That is 1000 gigabytes that you can share with colleagues, clients or shareholders via smartphones, tablets or computers with different operating systems. For business plans, Drop box secures your data with encrypted cloud backups for long term data security.

Files are securely placed in an online storage on Amazon’s S3 servers, with high security and multiple levels of redundancy, using 256-bit AES encryption. Dropbox offers two-factor authentification for users. Drop box Pro costs $9 dollars per month and Drop box business costs 12 dollar per month for unlimited online cloud storage.
Dropbox supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Kindle Fire devices, and Windows and Mac OS. You can share data between mobile devices, tablets and computers with access from anywhere via the cloud storage and secure login. Sharing data from your dropbox goes via that you send by email, only to people who you personally select. Files and folders can be shared with other Dropbox users through email invitation. The files will synchronise automatically and when someona makes a change in your data, you will be notified and Dropbox offers to restore to previous files easily.